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While price negotiations with this agent (especially without your own agent) are bound to produce some spirited discussions, you can, in fact, rely on them for some valuable information. Builder agents can be a wealth of knowledge on things such as background details on home construction and housing development in regards to a newly built home. Your realtor is your personal advocate. Not only will they ensure you’re aware of your rights at the table, securing the most value out of your budget is of top mind. These benefits and more all come together making for a relatively painless purchasing process. 

Year Established: 2000

Great Pioneer Home Buyers, LLC
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Max Equity Loan, Inc

Ground Up Land Loans
We Lends ground-Up Land loan application assists debtors in financing the purchase or development of vacant land for purposes of building new housing. Whether the land has approval from the neighborhood organisation or now not, We Lend is glad help our borrower in their task – zoning allowing. Hard Money Loan
No in advance expenses
No prepay consequences
No bank statements or tax returns wanted
Evidence of price range wished? No problem!
Loans funded in 7-10 business days!

Year Established: 2000

Max Equity Loan, Inc
Address: 55 Northern Blvd, Great Neck, NY 11021, United States
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Kane & Richter Foreclosure Lawyers, LLC

Hire an Experienced Foreclosure Defense Lawyer
Only attorneys with intimate knowledge of the underwriting process of mortgage loans, the regulatory requirements financial institutions need to comply with and knowledge of the ins and outs of foreclosure cases can provide a specialized level of representation for homeowners. The banks hire experienced attorneys to bring their foreclosure actions. Homeowners should not rely on just any attorney to represent them. They should only hire experienced foreclosure defense lawyers with a track record of successfully representing homeowners.
Before hiring a foreclosure defense law firm ask them how many articles he or she has written regarding foreclosure cases. Our law office has been diligently litigating foreclosure lawsuits and helping homeowners obtain mortgage modifications for more than 30 years. We have kept hundreds of homeowners in their homes. We are available for free consultations. We pride ourselves in keeping our clients in their homes.

Year Established: 2000
Address: 93-17 86th Rd, Jamaica, NY 11421
Phone: (917) 775-9437

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We practice Corporate Law is our office, my name is Johnathan Rotella, lawyer and business advisor. My method is personal and my rates are competitive. Internet suits me and I prefer to work digitally, by email and Skype and I'm full time freelancer in fiverr and upwork.I have been practicing law in New York City all five boroughs more than 50 years.
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I help your company to prevent conflicts of interest and legal and financial risks. This is in fact possible in most cases. Not only by ensuring the right contracts and documents. But mainly by advising on the communication and recording of agreements with your clients, before and after signing a contract.

I also provide full advice and incorporation processes for legal persons and international company structures, in particular in New York City, New York State (e-zone, free zone and export regulation for international services and trade, and various legal forms for asset protection or asset planning). In these processes I work side by side with tax specialists, accountants, notaries and trust offices in five boroughs of New York City.

My jurisdictions:

IT law, in particular software law
Corporate Law, Company Law
My starting points:

My work is largely preventive.
My goal is to prevent conflicts and other legal problems for companies.
My heart is in pleasant, fair and trouble-free business.
My clients:

IT companies
e-Commerce companies
International trade companies
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